Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Morning Sickness Myth

Morning not just in the morning. Many women suffer from this in the evenings, or even through out the day. Morning sickness is not how women want to spend their days dreaming of their new baby. In some cases it can be very emotionally and physically draining. Some women actually lose weight due to the intensity. Most ob-gyn's will suggest medication if it is severe enough. However, for those who wish to not take drugs there are some alternative things that can aide but not necessarily remove the sickness.
Suggestions :
Herbal teas: Fennel (which has a licorice flavor) and Ginger Peppermint
Ginger Chews or Ginger Gum
Eat small meals through out the day to keep your stomach from getting empty.
Drink water to keep from dehydrating.
Add a slice of citrus fruit to your water to flavor it. (lemons, oranges, limes)

These all can help with some of the symptoms but morning sickness affects every woman differently. Try your best to get some rest and know that this is not going to last forever. Find a natural or homeopathic center near you that you can talk to someone about your options before taking medication.
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Herbal Tea to Order

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