Thursday, November 2, 2017

Content always trumps calories

I get asked often how many calories do the smoothies have in them? While I do think health is key I have to emphasize that content always is more important then counting calories. I think sometimes we can get too focused on counting calories but not enough on what ingredients are in those specific calories we are consuming. 
Let us look at some information here below:
When we focus on nutritional value instead of calories, we make smarter, healthier choices.  A diet rich in whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contain naturally occurring nutrients that our bodies recognize as good, healthy forms of energy.
How can you evaluate the nutritional value of a product instead of focusing on calories? Ask yourself the following questions next time you take a snack break or sit down for a meal:
  • Is this food processed? A processed food is commercially prepared to have a long shelf life with no need for preparation. The nasty ingredients in these products is long and most of the time can be genetically modified.  While a processed bag of chips might be lower in calories than an avocado, the avocado packs a powerful punch of healthy monounsaturated fats, vitamin C, and dietary fiber, and is the healthier choice.
  • Am I eating too much added sugar? Added sugars do not provide any additional nutritional value to your diet.
  • What colors are my foods? A vibrant food palette is a healthy one, as long as you are focusing on unprocessed ingredients.
  • How does this food make me feel? Do you feel energized? Is your stomach settled? Or do you feel groggy and maybe even have a headache? Pay attention to these side effects from food. 
  • Am I allowing enough variety in my diet? Variety is the key to a well-rounded diet. No single food supplies all the necessary nutrients you need for the day. credit-
When you take the time to evaluate the nutritional value of your food and the ingredients in those foods; rather than focusing solely on calories, you will find yourself making more informed decisions about your diet and healthier choices. 
 Some interesting facts here on our smoothies. All of them less then 300, and most of them less then 175 however I share this not because I feel this is worth focusing on but because I have had multiple customers ask me about calorie content and thought I would share.
Calories in our Smoothies- 
140 calories
215 calories
136 calories
152 calories
290 calories 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Raw Chocolate Pie

Recipe for Raw/Vegan Chocolate Pie
In a food processor blend the following ingredients until fine.
1 cup soaked cashews drained (  soaked means you soaked them in cold water at least 6-12 hours in fridge)
6 pitted dates
1 cup flaked raw coconut (not the sweetened)
1 tablespoon of raw cocoa powder
Press into a pie plate and make an even layer at bottom of pan and set aside.
In processor blend the following ingredients until smooth
5 avocados (pit and skin removed)
1/2 cup organic maple syrup
1/2 cup coconut oil
5 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of sea salt

Pour onto the crust and top with shaved coconut flakes. Chill at least 3 hours.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Nourish Yourself

     So often we forget to take care of the one person that honestly matters the most if you plan on ever doing anything amazing with your life. That one person is you! I say that with the utmost honesty and unselfish motives. Some think it may seem too self absorbed to care for your well being, with jobs, families, demands, and obligations who really makes the time for personal renewal?
I have been guilty of it over and over again and many times have to stop and really recheck where things are at and what I am doing. I live a pretty full life; I am a mama to two very amazing little women who light up my life in more ways then they will ever know, I manage our lives and I run my business with all that it entails I find myself exhausted and depleted many days. I am in a constant mentality of rechecking where I am pouring my energies into and what that really means for my future and if I don't keep things in check I find it gets worse.  
    I have learned to look and cherish the things in life during my day that are precious. My days are not perfect and many of them are far from what I would call ideal, but I do know that without constant awareness of what is happening and placing our focus on the wrong things will lead to nothing. 
    There are times and seasons for certain people and places of life. We have bought into a lie that we can really have it all...and if you are living that American Dream when you don't have it all, there must be a problem? Well that is lie! You were created for amazing purpose and life long change however, if you think you can have it all you are in for a very big wake up call. I think we can have a lot and live fully while embracing our, "now" moments. You can have it all at certain moments but never all at once. It just is not the way life works this side of heaven. We only have so much energy and so many resources to draw from. I see a lot of people chasing the next big thing, when they get there though it just means there is another big "thing." We need to make time to really fuel our souls from the inside out. 
    Soul sickness is a plague we do all we can to not really look into because it makes us uncomfortable. It is easier to work a lot and stay busy then to really stop and evaluate. Start to nourish yourself today by doing a few things:
Ask yourself these questions: "Why am I doing what I am?" 
                                                "Is this what makes me feel fulfilled?"
                                                 " Will this be healthy for me and my family?"
                                                 "Is this best choice for right now?"
It really is ok to just breathe ... and sit in the silence to listen to your own heart! Have a wonderful weekend.