Monday, September 28, 2009

When life beats you down

When you have a pile of bills in front of you and the economy on the brink of crashing it is no wonder more Americans are seeking medication. However, there are ways to deal with financial crisis without turning to medication right away or losing your mind for that matter. Life throws so much at you sometimes and change is the only thing that truly is ever constant.

Tell yourself every single day that, "Things will be OK." There will be days when you have no idea how in the world your going to come up with money to pay your bills, buy groceries, or even put gas in your car. There will be days that you feel your life will never change. These are the days you have to reign your mind in and concentrate on allowing yourself to hear positive things from your own mouth. It is way to easy to spout off things when your frustrated. Your brain responds more to the sound of your own voice than any other in the world.

Find solace anywhere you can find it. The solace is to pull yourself and your thoughts together. You may not have money to even get in the car and drive somewhere to get away from it all, so you go into a quiet place in your home. Do whatever you need to do to create something that resembles peace, serenity, or hope and sit there for awhile. A few suggestions for you are the following: light a candle, get a bath, play music, look at a photo album, read a casual magazine or pray. Everyone finds solace in different ways, you have to do what brings you peace even if it is for a few moments in your day.

Stress depletes your immune system and the "wiring" your body needs to stay functioning properly mentally and physically. Take care of your body from the inside out. Stress may keep you from sleeping so try to get sleep that your body needs to restore itself from the pressures of the day. Sooner or later your situation will change and your circumstances will get better. Keep hope alive in your heart.

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