Friday, September 25, 2009

Where is all the kindness?

It seems sort of juvenile to actually ask someone to be kind, almost as if you were in kindergarten. However, it is very sad but kindergarten is where most people stopped listening. Where is the kindness? We live in a society with so much media surrounding us it is very easy to become desensitized to people's pain or humanity for that matter.

To be kind is to show someone the utmost love and compassion they deserve as a human being. The first step to being kind is to show that you are concerned about them. Take a few steps back out of your own "world" and enter theirs. Be sincere when you speak with them and truly engage in conversation without thinking of how you can chirp in and add your opinion. Understand that your opinion is really ... just an opinion. People need other people, it is the way we are designed. Listening is so important when your trying to be kind to someone else.

Compassion is not naturally given to some people and most people have a mean streak that can actually go very deep. Figure out what inside of you makes you be mean. Hurting people are the one's who hurt people. In order to be kind you have to be healed of your hurt or past disappointments.

Being kind is something that starts to filter into your private life as you choose more wisely with your actions and words. If your kind to someone in public and then behind closed doors you say mean things or verbally attack someone and their character, then your not kind, and your living a lie. Kindness most be a reflection of who you are on the inside not just an act to make others like you.

If you are by nature an unkind person and life's made you mean, than start doing things that are not typically like you as a person. Here are some examples to help you along your start to being a kind person:
1. be more generous
2. if your prone to always give an opinion ... don't
3. listen before you speak
4. stop being so self absorbed and selfish
5. be more compassionate and show love
6. be sincere with your word's
There are many ways one can try to be more kind to those around them. Life will provide the opportunity, it is up to you to take it and help change the world and just maybe someone else's life while your at it.

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  1. This is a great article about being kind. Every day I think about how rude, careless, and just down right mean people are on a continuous basis. And to top it off, it seems that everyone I run across is that way. Would it kill people to be nice? Great post! :)