Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.

How many times do we so quickly want to give advice, comment, or give an opinion? For so many, it is most likely more common to have something to say than to just sit back and listen. The more you face and experience and learn to wait in patient silence you learn lessons that only hardships can teach you over the course of your lifetime.
It is very easy to give a superficial response or a comment that is all too quickly shrugged off. There are many times when answers will not be there...and may never be this side of heaven. Questions go through our minds all the time in difficult circumstances. What do you say when your loved one comes home so beaten down and discouraged because of a job loss? What is to be said when you have a loved one who loses a child? How do you possibly come up with words to comfort a friend when they tell you they have been given a terminal diagnosis?
There are many times words will be just that... "words." Nothing can be said in certain times of deep despair that can bring comfort or solace. It is during these times that men and women need to draw strength from the deepest parts of who you are and what has been given to you by God to withstand such trying times.

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