Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When life seems out of control

Just when you think life seems out of control, sometimes things actually get worse. You must keep in mind that even though things around you seem out of control and hopeless that the reality of the situation is that you as a person are not!! Circumstances happen beyond what can be controlled by you in your life. Life happens and it's not always fair, peaceful, or easy. Not one person ever said that it would be, but somehow our own human nature kicks in and we feel we are "owed" a fair life. Every one at some point wants the fairytale happy ending to be incorporated into their own life. The truth of the matter is this....not one thing in this world is secure except for the love of God.
There are things in your life that happen that are out of your hand's. During this time though you have to remember that even though your life seems chaotic and confusing there are certain things you do have the power to change.
You may need to draw strength during these times from the deepest parts of who you are. God will give you a resilience you never knew you possessed if you just ask him for the grace and strength to get you through difficult times.
You have the capacity to change your mindset!
Your mindset can be your worst enemy or your best advocate but you have to be the one to choose. This is not something that you may have to choose just one time either...every single day you have to get up with determination in your heart! There are better things in store for you.
You have the capacity to change your attitude!
Realize that this is not happening to destroy you as an individual. There may have been circumstances that have played out in your life that may have been intended to hurt or destroy you. However, you will have the victory over these things and those people.
You have the capacity to keep your health in check!
Life can get depressing and things get left go along with unpaid not let this be your health. Take a few minutes every day to go for a walk, run, and make yourself something healthy to eat. It is all to easy to turn to comfort food to help you somehow "cope" with the loss. Turn to what can actually help you long term in your overall vitality: which is... better eating, more exercise, embrace the people in your life to help you and do this together.
You have the capacity to still be there for your family!
In spite of your situation do not check out on your wife, husband, or children. There are incredibly trying times that can destroy your personal relationships. Stress, tension, and utter frustrations can make you an entirely different human being to those living with you. Take control of your actions and words and respect each others boundaries and feelings. You can say whatever you want to if you want to live a boundary less life and cause irreversible damage to those you live with. If you want to maintain a peaceful and nurturing home than it is time to figure out how to control your mouth, opinions, and brashness.
You have the capacity to CHANGE the CIRCUMSTANCE!
You have found yourself in the middle of a crisis, whether it be financial, relational, or physical. All of these things you may never have expected or thought could happen to you! The wonderful news is still have breath in your lungs! You also have a mind that God gave you to use and do something with besides hold your ears separate from one another! Use your mind to think about what your to do and pray very hard that you have wisdom.
"Finally...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever things are of a good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things" Philippians 4:8

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