Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keeping the Peace

Homes are the place where those we love should find peace and solace. Every one needs a haven to rest their mind, body, and spirit from the cares of the world. The first step in keeping peace in the home is to live your life with decentsy and order. I know this sounds a bit basic, however, if you live a chaotic lifestyle you will reap a chaos filled home. Finances, relationships, and moods will be all over the charts. Learn to reign in your life around peace and make wise decisions, not only for yourself but for those you love.
Next lesson to be heard in keeping the peace throughout homes is to keep your mouth shut sometimes. That sounds a bit harsh to put it out there so bluntly, but truly understand that not everyone around you wants to hear your "opinions". Your thoughts and input are important to those you love. Be careful not to abuse this right though, if your always going off about something or your opinion on a matter...it will get to the point when those around you will not care so much for what you have to say because your always saying ...."something." Are you starting to get the point? Now lets move on to the next phase in keeping the peace.
Keeping the peace in your home can start with the atmosphere. Create an atmosphere that is enjoyable. Atmosphere improvement can be as simple as lighting a few candles to painting the color of your walls a more inviting shade than the blah white that was there when you moved in. Play music that evokes an atmosphere that you want to have in your home.
And finally one last thing that can help you keep the peace is to have boundaries established in your homes. Boundaries create stability, discipline, and an order that almost produces a peace on it's own and then it is up to you to carry it through to every day living.
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  1. I whole-heartedly agree with the keeping your mouth shut option! One of the biggest issues in our house is that both my husband and my older son feel the need to tell you their every thought and opinion as soon as they think it. Normally someone's feelings get hurt and they will apologize later but if they'd just kept quiet to begin with...well, life would be better! BTW, very nice blog!