Monday, November 2, 2009

God has not forgotten...

What a difficult place to be in...a pit. We all have had our share from time to time. I recently just read a small devotional stating, "A dark uncertain place that as much as you try to get out of you sink further and further into, you would love to climb up out of this pit, but at this point just stopping the spiraling fall would be enough! You look at the past, and you think of all you have lost, but you do not know how to get it back. You are discouraged, heavy, hopeless, and many times alone. You wonder: where God is? Why does He seem so far away? Why hasn't my situation changed"
Can you relate to this scenario? I know I can...I have been there too, hanging desperately for rescue from my Lord.
A deep darkness in your spirit can come from many things life hands you. Our spiritual condition can come from a complete physical exhaustion, emotional fatigue from situations you have been struggling with, or even spiritual battles. There is a war constantly around many of us...a war we can not see...a war for your soul. When you are weak...God is strong!
No matter what your struggling with today, the past few months, or the past few years ...the Lord knows !
A few years ago i heard a story of a young woman who slipped and fell over a deep ravine, she was falling into a place she never knew and looked as if there was no help in sight. It was very dark at the time when the young girl fell and she could not see an end to her situation. A small branch stopped her fall into what she thought was a great chasm of no return. Night fell quickly and deep pain from her fall numbed her hands tremendously! She hung on tightly through the darkest night she had ever felt in her life. She cried out to "God"...she questioned where was he? She wailed for help and cried until her eyes seemed empty and her heart broken into pieces. Why has God allowed me to experience such a fall...I do not know how to get out of this pit? The whole time she kept hearing a small voice telling her to " LET GO"! Her hands now bleeding from the tremendous amount of stress and fatigue from holding on, she could not bring herself to let go, after all, she could fall to her death! The young woman continued to cry out for what seemed like days and soon the sun began to rise on her situation. As the sun appeared over the horizon it brought a new light to what was beneath her. The whole entire time she had been hanging just about a foot over a track she needed to be on to head home and get her out of the woods.
How many times have we held on, screamed , cried, and blamed God for things that have happened to us?
I know i see the girl in the story was me. If you could just "LET GO" today of whatever situation is paralyzing you to go forward and make better choices and change your will see the awesome power of God and what he can do with a broken spirit. God has ways of turning every single thing around for you in your life. Every detail is important to God. GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!

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