Sunday, November 15, 2009

Serious heart condition

The most common thought about heart condition is most likely thought about in the "physical" sense. To experience a heart condition on a deeper level than just physical is to experience a heart condition in a "spiritual" sense. Let me explain how this works, people are created in the image of God, humans are a physical, emotional, and spiritual representation of their Creator. There is a deep void in the heart of every man and woman that only can be filled by knowing and having a relationship with God.
My heart breaks at the news of men killing other men in the name of God. Men turning against their wives and families. Despicable acts of injustice and murder every day on the news. I truly believe that people are suffering and in such despair that unless they come to have a real and lasting love with their God their heart will continue to harden and plague them and reap generations of destruction in families, marriages, ministries, and nations.
It is time for Christians to get serious about their heart conditions. It is time for the people that do not know God to see a difference in the lives of those who really do live a life that is victorious! Right now is not a good time for many people; job loss, sickness, poverty, hate, confusion, and fear have crippled many men and women. Let me encourage you, that the fear in your heart...has not been placed there by anyone who loves you. God loves you!
What condition is your heart in today? Think about your heart in a deeper sense than just your physical heart, think about what state your heart is in if you were to think about a condition that penetrates much deeper than that.

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