Monday, December 28, 2009

Honestly...where is all the honesty??

Being an honest individual is much more than just speaking truth with your mouth. Individuals must have an honest lifestyle. Many people feel that once in awhile it is OK to tell "small white lies" to protect, to cover up, and to in essence keep things simpler, however, there is no such thing as white lies, it is a myth. A lie is a lie, no matter how you look at it. Keeping the truth from other people, or twisting the truth is a lie.

All of these tactics are used to help people get out of trouble with their clients, boss, spouse, or families. What really truly happens though is that deep in the heart of the people they live with, work with, or work for....people find out your a fraud. Those who live their lives in fraudulent states can not be trusted. If they are lying to others, sooner or later they are lying to you....and themselves.

I will give you classic examples of dishonest behavior....see if you can relate?
** You are late for an appointment because you slept in and took your good old time leaving the house, you make a quick and formal phone call, saying, "I'm on my way to meet you, i got held up." Now as your making this call....your actually still sipping your coffee...
YOU DID NOT GET HELD were being lazy, why don't you just be honest? Well...because if you were honest with them and yourself...that you are in fact a lazy person with no sense of time management, that it would scare you to death and you could lose your job, financial security, or relationships.

**Second example, " You try and hide something important from your family and friends." You make up stories or avoid the truth by deterring conversation and bring up distractions. You fear the truth could bring devastation, disappointment, hurt, so you keep it from them in your efforts to be a hero and protect them, but really all your doing is making the situation worse by keeping the truth from those you love. Truth always surfaces eventually.

**And one last example, "When you share something about another one's private life and details they did not want you to share and you say, "I promise, I will not tell anyone you have told me this in confidence...and then you run to your mother, brother, friend...and blab your mouth but say at the end...please pray for them and don't mention I told you." YOU HAVE LIED. You have not been an individual with whom trust could be given. Why do we do this? Why do good people make poor choices?
I can tell you some of the because they lack discipline, respect for themselves and others, and lack of boundaries. I am sure you could list a few yourself if you actually sit and thought for awhile...

People have not really lived much by the phrase, "the truth will set you free," much these days. So what has happened is we have become surrounded by a society of people who feel it is OK to mask the truth. What happens is that people then become in bondage to their own behavior and their lives become anything but transparent.

Encouraging you be a more honest person this year. Make better choices with your mouth and behavior. Watch how the world around you...changes...for the better. Truth is not always easy, fun, or the most rewarding but it is better to be honest then to be caught up in a lie.
People are always watching....even if you think they are not!

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