Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Become a Big Loser

Right now the newest series of The Biggest Loser has begun, and to be quite honest I really do not like reality T.V. actually, I really do not like to watch much T.V. at all. I have to say this though, I caught a glimpse of an interview with last seasons winner and it sparked my husbands and I interest in this show that really revolutionizes individuals lives. We are talking here about some serious weight these people have carried around with them for years, it has literally affected every area of their lives. These men and women commit to months of rigorous training and coaching on how to eat better, work out effectively, and literally change their mindsets.

I was really astonished at what these people go through and inspired to see how they gain more confidence, self esteem, and just plainly speaking... they reclaim their lives. I began to think about this over the course of the next few weeks as Christmas came and went and we entered a new year and Matt and I began to consider changes we need to make this year. There are things we all drag around and allow to weigh us down, keep us from living victoriously and having a thriving life. Some times it isn't because of decisions you have made but maybe just a hand you were dealt, and it is tough, it is hard, it is painful, it is hurtful, it can be depressing and overbearing ,but my friend, you will survive.

So with all of that in mind we decided we are not only shedding the things off we do not need anymore but we are changing our mindsets, habits, and getting away from the things that hold us back. I want to challenge you this year to think about what it is you want to lose and what you have to gain because of it.

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