Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Secret stressors causing anxiety?

We all have stress we deal with from time to time, and usually we think of the bigger things: finances, health, or relational issues. There are hidden stressors that actually cause you to internally have anxiety about things you can get control over but first you have to recognize that these are actually there lurking in the back of your mind.
Possible causes of anxiety (hidden stressors):
1. Clutter- Your house is a mess, and you have stacks of unpaid bills and papers laying around in various places. That stack of laundry that is sitting piled up on the dryer or on your floor is staring you right in the face every time you walk past it. There has to be some changes in the way you handle clutter and how you "keep up" with the every day tasks. If you let things go then it will seem ten times bigger in your mind when you do decide to tackle the project. You may have to delegate and ask for some help from a spouse, friend, or a professional. ( This depends on how long you have let it go...if were talking "hoarders" here then call a professional, for smaller tasks like laundry or just basic clutter than gain some ownership today and reclaim your space.)
2. Cell Phone Texting/ Mobile Email- We live in an amazing information age and have 24 hour access to our jobs, friends, and family through a small device worn on your body most of the time or in a purse, your cell phone. The constant sound of a text or email is sending your brain an "urgent" message that there is something you need to address ASAP. Really you really need to address it that  quickly. Take some steps back and understand that you were not meant to be concentrating on so many things at one time in any given day! There are times when you can get back to those who need you and respond to those emails at a time that is not crucial for your health. Dinner time, quiet time, family time, etc...those are areas that you need to be focused and in tune with those around you, it is only polite and also healthy for you to engage with those sitting in front of your face.
3. Facebook/Twitter- YES I did bring out the big boys here in mentioning facebook and twitter in hidden stressors. I think personally that these are great tools for social networking and getting connected with people. However, let us face what is happening here truthfully do you really want to know that your neighbors best friend is hanging her laundry out to dry and oh my goodness, your husband just walked in the door and stepped on the cat as your child was throwing up and you burned dinner. Is that not hilarious that this also happened when you still had time to type that all out and tell 200 of your facebook connections about your dilema? The stress factor here is this, it plays on your emotions as you read about every one else's day as you try to juggle your own. There is life around you meant to be lived and experienced, there are times for facebook but there are also times for many other fulfilling people and activities right in front of you that you could be making a memory with or enjoying a quiet time of peace to yourself. Be comfortable in the quiet of your may learn something about yourself you never knew.
4. Wake up call/Alarm- Did you know that the way you wake up can set the tone for your entire day? Does your alarm blare loudly as you hit the snooze for 45 minutes? Internally you know that that horrible sound is coming again in 9 minutes but yet you still lay there anticipating the extra time to sleep, but yet your really not asleep...your in an in between state of being awake and still tired. New mom's and dad's struggle with this for many months, they can not wake up to peace, a screaming child wanting fed is now the stressor that pulls them from sweet slumber. Try to allow yourself some extra time to wake up before the morning routine begins, if your alarm sound is stressing you out then buy a new one or wake up to some motivating music.
Try some new things out today and this week that can help eliminate hidden stressors in your life.
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