Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life is Messy, Life is Hard...are you just going to lay there and take it?

I recently read an amazing story about a farmer who owned an old mule. This mule had been a faithful friend and had helped this man for many years around his property, one day the old mule wandered off and fell into an old abandon well. The farmer later discovered the mule had fallen into this well, which had been about 50 feet deep, he called and waited for over an hour and heard nothing. Discouraged and unsure of what to do the farmer had come to the conclusion that his trusted friend had passed away. There was no way the farmer could get the mule out of a well so utterly deep, so he decided to let it rest there and bury him right where he was. He called a few of his friends that could help him shovel all the dirt it would take to fill a well so deep. As massive amounts of dirt landed on this mule it actually woke him up. The mule had passed out and was laying flat on his back, the hard hit from the dirt falling was so painful he was doing everything he could to literally not become buried alive! That mule began the greatest and most painful struggle of his life, but with each new shovel of dirt he began to use it as  a step. Pile after pile, and after over an hour of shoveling the farmers above began to see the top of the mules head. That mule had used the dirt meant to bury him as an opportunity to raise him up out of that pit.

What an unbelievable example of what can be done with the "dirt" that comes against you in life. Life is messy! Life is hard, and there are times of gut wrenching pain...are you going to just lay there and take it? Or are you going to use that dirt as leverage to get you up and out of the pit that you have fallen in. It does not matter if you have had circumstances come against you that you were not even in control of or not. You have the choice to make to rise above it and out of it or lay there and give up. Choose to rise up and out of the situation. 

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