Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surviving or Thriving...what mindset are you in?

At times in life it may seem you are so overwhelmed and burdened by circumstances. Financial loss, severed relationships, job loss, loss of friendships, sickness, etc...all lead to stress and sometimes such deep sorrow. Your once care free spirit and happiness all seems lost in the midst of the crisis points of life. It is then that some people abandon their purpose and get into "survivor" mode. If they can just get through this week, make the mortgage payments this month, if you can just get through this divorce, if my children can just stop rebelling, ...then I can get back to "normal." What happens in these times though is that it may last for weeks, months, or even years. Something deep inside of a person stops living when they get into a just "surviving mentality".

It is this very mentality that can keep a person going for those times in their life when they feel as if they barely have the strength to get out of bed. There are times like this when being a survivor is necessary but there are also moments when you need to kick the just surviving mentality goodbye...and welcome a "thriving mentality". You may have faced some incredibly trying circumstances, you may have lost everything, maybe your health is failing, your spouse left you, and your kids are out of control, but the important thing in all of these times is that you are currently getting through it. You may feel you can't possibly stand another waking moment in the day of your current life, that is a very hard and difficult place to be and pull yourself up and out of, but you can!!

You can find hope in the darkest hours through talking and believing God to transform your life in a supernatural way. It is time for you to start thinking differently. Start to believe and live with faith that your situation is going to change!! Make different choices, learn from your past, don't continue to live there, put away the surviving mentality and grasp on to the thriving mentality. You have one life, once chance to make your mark on the world and find out what your purpose is and God does have a plan for you. In spite of how you were treated, what parents you had or did not have, money that you lost or made, God still loves you, God has always loved you, and has given you dreams and purposes in your heart to fulfill.
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