Monday, July 26, 2010

Being the Bigger Person

You know exactly what I mean by this, the title alone may have sent shivers down your spine at the thought of trying to once again be the bigger person. This is hard, and sometimes it is downright painful. The world is full of all sorts of people personalities and problems and because of it you are bound to come face to face with someone who just really rubs you the wrong way, or for some reason they just don't like you or vice versa, you don't like them. You can ask yourself a million questions in trying to understand people. One thing I know is this, no one is perfect and that is not why i write this, I am not perfect and have had my fair share of struggles. You will be blamed for things you are not responsible for, or even be accused of thinking of yourself as "perfect" even in dealing with a world full of imperfect and marred human beings. It is just the reality of the life we live and the sin that plagues people's hearts and minds. The only thing you can be responsible for is you. If you have bent over backwards to let someone know you care and they reject can not take it personally.
People struggle with all kinds of insecurities that make them mean, harsh, cruel, gossips, will never change another individual. At the heart of every cranky or miserable person there is a reason! Did you ever hear the phrase: Hurt people...hurt people...well it is true! 
Do not stoop to their level, it is not worth it and you will most likely take on emotions and thoughts that will only bring you down. Stay positive and keep enjoying the life you are making for yourself!

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