Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Keeping Your Focus During Stressful Times

Life can throw you through a few up' s and down' s when you least expect it. When your already down though and you feel that just one more thing is going to send you over the edge and you wonder how can you keep your focus in the midst of all the turmoil ... these ideas will hopefully help.

1. First of all in the midst of turmoil and confusion you absolutely must set aside even 5-10 minutes for yourself. The quietness will allow you to refocus to try to calm your nerves. Your mind may not be able to turn itself off during this time, however, a few minutes to separate from the normal routine will do you some good. A few ideas for this could be as simple as take a brief walk, close your bedroom door and relax for 5 minutes, or even take a warm bath.
2. Try to bring clarity to your situation. Stress can cause you to act like a different person. You may be the most organized and all together person, but under stress you may be forgetting to put your shoes on. Stress and turmoil over circumstances can cause impatience, anger, health problems, financial irresponsibility, etc...It is highly important you get a pen and paper and write down a few things you can do to help get you out of the situation. 
3. I urge you to seek guidance from a trusted friend or advisor. Look for something that can give you peace, even for a few minutes. Read a Bible or a favorite book, listen to music, call a friend who you know will be positive. Most importantly try to take these breaks frequently throughout the day even if for 5 minutes. Your mind is a huge battleground for negative and overwhelming thoughts and stressful times are the hardest on someone and their overall wellness.

Herbs to help combat stress,give mental clarity, and or provide relaxation: Holy Basil, Valerian, and Chamomile

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