Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Say Good Bye to the "Taker's"

I know you know of a few of them by name, maybe you could even make a list. The "taker's" are those activities or people that do not directly line up with your priorities, yet they drain the life right out of you. Your emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual growth are all hindered by investing more and more time into those things.
Make a commitment to yourself that you do not have to be everything to everybody else all the time! You can decline some invitations or events if your feeling overwhelmed or pulled in one hundred different directions.
You have to think about your priorities, how are these things lining up with what you are keeping close to your heart? Keep in mind that you as an individual have incredible worth and deserve the time you can invest in yourself to make sure that you are the most healthy individual you can be.
This is the best gift you can give to anyone around you and yourself! Until you are able to say no to the demands and requests of others, you will never be able to say yes to you! 
Consider for a moment what is going to be worth it to you in 20, 30, or even 40 years? You can get to the end of a very full life and realize that you never disappointed anyone else but yourself. Don't allow that to happen to you, start taking ownership of these area's of your life where you feel you do not have the balance.

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