Monday, October 4, 2010

Shape Up Or Ship Out

I know many of you have heard that expression, "Shape up or Ship out! " Where did that even come from anyway? During WWII soldiers were told to shape up or they were going to be shipped overseas to war. In other words, get your act together or get out!
I know a few people I would love to say that to and one or two I actually have said that to in recent years. It is the hardest possible thing to have to express your complete intolerance to unhealthy patterns in people's life. Family and friends are the closest and most dearest of all the people in the world to you. But what do you do when they just seem to continue to cause you harm either physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or even financially?
You have to draw the line somewhere! This is when you need to establish boundaries as to how far your going to allow another person to affect your life and well-being. I do believe in forgiveness, if it were not for absolute forgiveness we would all be in the worst possible bondage and eternal situations. However, there are times when we absolutely must tell people that are unhealthy that you need to put some distance between you and them and their situation. Some people can turn around at some point or another, some though, never do. It is the reality of human behavior. If people never change than you need to somehow manage your life with them at a distance. If you do not do this harmful individual will continue to cause you damage and heart ache.  Stand your ground. There are many people who may not understand your decision to walk away or even establish a healthier way of living. That is alright! You are the one who needs to be pro-active for your life and your family, no one has walked one mile in your shoes. If they had....they may feel differently or even understand.

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