Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Crazy December Day!

Today was anything but healthy for me until about five minutes ago when I decided to sit and write for awhile. Let me give you the run down of my very strange day, talk about stress levels going through the roof. I woke up to a sick husband who was running late for a work meeting, alarms were blaring and doors were being slammed as he quickly was looking for all he needed for the day, meanwhile, waking our daughter way too early for me on a Saturday morning. So my feet had to hit the floor full speed as well all before even really waking up. I then decide I am going to quickly go to the bank and make a deposit, as I place my slip and money into the drawer, the door tilts back into the teller and he says, "It is not here? Is the deposit laying on the ground?" I quickly get out of my car in the drive thru and look frantically around and see nothing. deposit slip. So the men working in the bank come out and tear the thing apart and find that my stuff had blown deep inside the machine. Now, what in the world are the chances of this actually happening?
So after about a ten minute ordeal I go to my storage unit and decide to retrieve all my Christmas decorations, meanwhile it is 30 degrees and the wind is whipping around like crazy. As i go to get my Christmas tree I move a huge wardrobe box which has about 200 pieces of baby clothes I had been storing. The entire box of baby clothes busts open and out blows hundreds of mini articles of clothing all over the parking lot. Now the entire time my two year old is crying in the car because she can hear all this noise and keeps asking me, "mommy what happened?"
It took me about twenty minutes to get everything cleaned up and get on my way. As I travel to the post office where I want to drop off a few of my Christmas cards, I drive through the loop to drop off my cards and I see a man coming in the "exit" side of the loop. He then proceeds to quickly jump out of his car and drop off his letters and jump back in and try and reverse, because there is a line forming now and he can clearly see he had gone the wrong way. I sit there and watch this man try to reverse out of a circular loop as he bangs his tires off the curb about ten times as he moves forward and tries to straighten his wheels and then go back again. 
I arrive home and proceed to unload all my belongings and Christmas decor and an 80 year old gentleman next door decides that he is going to yell out to me, "woooo-weeee nice legs, i love those legs!" NOW about this time I really am starting to get irritated and wonder what in the world is going on and could there be anything else that possibly could be more weird today. 
And then as my adorable and sweet  daughter who is potty training comes up to hug me because she knew something was terribly wrong, smelled guessed it....poop! Yes....poop....not exactly what I needed at that moment, to be honest I really do not even know after two years of parenting  if poop really is ever a delightful moment, in most cases it makes me want to throw up at the very sight of it.
The day is still unfolding, I just found out one of my best friends was in a car accident (she is ok) , my daughter just found a bottle of bubble bath and is spilling it everywhere, my husband is still not home and has yet to hear of this bizarre day. I just can not believe how funny life can seem. These are the kinds of days that drive us to tears and that you can laugh about later. I am hoping that later comes very soon today.
Life at times can seem very stressful, sad, crazy, or even plain irritating...but it is in those times, we have to keep in mind that nothing is ever permanent and each and every day is new. I am so thankful for new, new days, and new beginnings in every stage of life. Thankful I had a day to be alive even to experience a weird day with all kinds of personal frustrations. Here is to one happy month of celebrating what is truly important in all of our lives. 

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