Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life Choices on food

This week I have personally experienced what little choices can go a very long way in over all health and wellness. We had my husband's family visiting from out of town and while here his grandfather experienced a heart attack. It was incredibly stressful and sent us all in a panic. They were able to save his life and he had three stints put in to clear some of the blockages. However, they were not able to travel back home for a week. So they stayed with us while he recovered. This is when I experienced one of the greatest frustrations I have seen in long time. Just three days after experiencing a heart attack the man was eating KFC. I began to probe into their diet and found that even though he had this condition for some time his diet was still very high in sodium, preserved tv dinners, and a ton of options using hydrogenated oils and preservatives. These are huge contributing factors in developing health problems, yet people are uneducated in what they are consuming.
Most consumers buy cream for their coffee on a daily basis. Seems simple enough, right? Not really. Most creams are packed with preservatives and hydrogenated products. Look at the label. It should say milk and or cream. If anything else is added to it and you can not pronounce the word, it is basically bad for you over the long haul. That would be a product you use every single day multiple times. Those are the things you need to watch out for in consuming. It is hard to do a complete and radical all organic lifestyle for some, I get that, I have heard everyone's rational on this from one extreme to the other. Some love it, some cant afford it, it is a tough call. I always say, you will pay a few cents extra now or pay later with medical conditions.
But start small in your daily choices if this is too much to process,think of what you consume daily and what you consume the most of weekly. Start by choosing fresh veggies and fruit over canned. Try to stick to grass-fed meat or organic. Dairy is also huge for ensuring you go hormone free.
Label reading is very important and key if you want to obtain overall health. Most people do not realize that even little things like added cream can be a problem. It is not the cream, it is the products used in the cream that are meant to sustain it for "months" that are an issue. Dairy should not last that long. It is like the commercial when the little girl says, "mom, what is non dairy creamer?" point.
Life choices are important especially in food intake. Food is fuel. Food is key for optimal performance and longevity. And most importantly you have to want it. Change will not happen until you want it to happen for you. Make better choices, your life depends on it.

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