Monday, November 12, 2012

What I learned yesterday....

So I am beginning to think of a new series of chapters in a new book. I feel as I get older the more you see in people and about life. Health is an aspect that runs so deep. It is more than just physical, health is emotional, mental, and spiritual. I am beginning to learn what to hold close and what to let go of in my own life so that I can be the healthiest person I know how to be for me and my family. So here are a few things that I recently had some light shed on in my own life and I have to tell you, it is freeing to understand. 1- Spend more time with the people that celebrate with you and celebrate you! Too many times we spend time around people who you tolerate or you feel just tolerate you....that may be for a time but let's face it,You can not grow into the person you were meant to be by constantly around people who really cant see past you or celebrate your victories and success. You want to be around those who believe in your potential, your goals and your dreams. 2- Stop investing time and effort into those who really just don't give a flying leap. For whatever reason there are always those people you would like to be closer to, so you invite them over, try to allow them to be part of your life and they will always shut you out,no matter how hard you try. SO STOP! There are other people who would love to spend time with you and develop a more meaningful relationship. 3- Every time you say no to something, you are saying yes to something else. Make sure you are saying YES to the things that really matter!!

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