Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Revolutionary thinker

One of the motto's I have blasted across all my life coaching materials, is the phrase: Thriving not just surviving! While I look at that every day , I also have it posted in various places around my home, I am reminded constantly of the mindset. A healthy mindset is not something that really can be optional in choosing how to live a better life. When you are in survival mode, you are just getting through each day. But thriving gives you hope and passion to drive through your circumstances and come out and above it. NO one can control what happens to them, life is so messy, hard, and painful. We can control our thought life though and turn our thoughts on positive things and surround our minds with the good thoughts. Becoming healthier starts on the inside. In almost every aspect health is something that starts inside. Just like diseases: cancer, one just GETS those types of things, they develop over time from the inside and surface later. What you feed yourself physically will help or harm you. It is the same with our emotions, and our spiritual lives. Anything that is living needs to grow or it is dying. Don't be just a survivor. THRIVE where you are, use the abilities and strengths you have been given, make lasting change in your life and those around you. Be a revolutionary thinker and have a mighty mindset!!

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