Friday, January 24, 2014

Why taking ownership is so hard!

So many people want to know the secrets to success. What makes a business strong? What does it take to grow a church? What makes a great marriage? How can I be a good parent? Is it possible to be healthy and fit even when I am so busy? Can a mother really balance work and kids? Can a dad really be the leader he needs to be for his family? Is it possible to ever love again? Will I ever really get out of debt?
These are questions many of us have asked ourselves. Maybe even worked at from time to time. Anything worth it in life is going to require work, and lots of it. I am in the middle ground generation right now where the ones after me feel "entitled" to it all without the work, and the older ones have given up or are still working when they should be enjoying life. So here I am sitting here observing two opposite ways of thinking. I see it everywhere. I see a total lack of ownership over the situations and lives people find themselves living.
Most of us drown in our stress or drown out our circumstances by avoiding what it will take to change it. We have turned to work, ministries, addictions, relationships, social networking and every other possible thing to keep us "moving" along so we don't have to deal with the ROOT problems.
The root issue when things are not progressing in a positive way is lack of ownership.
We all have done this from time to time. We believe in a lie we heard or have developed a belief system that is really way too small.
It is never too late to start, and start small if you must..but please DO START! Falling down is part of life but getting back up is living it! Take personal responsibility for how you want to change things in your life. Taking ownership is hard because it puts you in a place where you stand face to face with your fear, insecurities, self doubt, and baggage all wrapped up in one and you push through it anyway. You stand there and wonder what in the world do you do with all of it and how do I change living this way? And then you take one step! One painful and uncomfortable step and then another and then another.Stop living the life you do not want to live and make choices towards a better tomorrow.
Is it going to be tough? Of course it is, its going to be a major pain in the rear some day's. Some times you may feel like you just want to give up,  believe that your not qualified, or rich enough, you may feel you don't deserve it, or you just have been dealt a bad deal you need to live with as punishment. It is not true.  It is really not true!! You have a huge battle in your mind. Jim Rohn said it best when he quoted, "forget about the thief waiting around the corner, what about the one in your mind!! " Your mind is where it all lays waiting dormant- are you going to allow your mind to sabotage your way of thinking or are you going to get out of your own way? The choice is yours and it is yours to make right now!! Today! Take ownership. Pull up the big girl pants or big boy pants your meant to be wearing- throw away the diapers and get out there and make your mark on the world. Life is passing by- don't get to the end of your own with regret and wonder.

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