Thursday, March 6, 2014

Questions to ask and consider before joining a church.

Alarming that even in churches today there can be a lack of integrity and accountability. When flesh gets in the way and people are then overtaken with jealousy, slander, and insecurities there is no end to what can happen. Never underestimate the power of insecurity in people and organizations. Insecurity is a bad friend that makes people believe things about others that aren't even true.
A strong leader will not be affected by positive change. A fearful leader will always self sabotage growth even on a small scale.
Establish healthy boundaries and know that no one is above failing you- God is your source and strength.
If you are getting involved with a church look for healthy signs: Ask questions and get involved- know that you need answers before you get involved with an unhealthy place.

-Are they open to including and reaching out community?
-Are the finances being accounted for accurately?
- Is there protocol and systems in place for organization and safety?
-Is the pastor getting accountability or does he have friends on his board? Yes people are not accountability.
-Is there an openness to getting involved and working with other churches for the greater good of God's kingdom?
-Is there a clear vision for where the church is going?
-Are leadership tasks delegated and not much being done by the leader himself? Delegation only works when the leader is working too.
-Are children and youth valued and seen as the future of church and nation?
-Is personal growth and progress encouraged?
-Is progress welcomed when it is positive change or is it sabotaged and seen as threatening?
-Is the pastor disrespectful?
-Have you seen others gossiping about members?
-Does the leadership staff have a small mindset and inward way of thinking?
-Has the church been thriving or surviving?
-Ask around, see if the church has a positive history before you came on the scene?
-Is the church just existing by a handful of people who adore their long term friends?
-Is there a lack of caring for the overall building and God's house?
-Is a sense of stewardship and ownership encouraged as a standard?

Churches are part of our lives and should be a positive place encouraging growth. However, there are many teachers standing in the place of pastors. Many people have been hurt by "hirelings" with their own agenda's and complacent ways. It is sad, heartbreaking, and nothing can make the enemy more happy then to see churches failing and families hurt.
If you are in this situation- get out! If you feel you are not being appreciated, valued, or growing spiritually it is not the place God wants you in. If you have seen your leadership handle things improperly, ask questions! The integrity of a man or woman always will trump the image you have of them. 


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