Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I thought you were a friend?

Have you uttered those words under your breath or maybe even said that to someone in your life.I know I have, especially as of late. Some times in life we are faced with utter and complete betrayl, lies, and hurt by those who you have trusted and loved.  Friendship, one of the best gifts in a lifetime. I have heard that in one's life span you are blessed if you ever have 4-6 really good and deep friendships. Friendships that are healthy are the deep, unconditional kind of relationships that bring you as close to someone or closer than an actual blood relative. Those are the the kinds of people that hold you accountable, love you when you are hurting, support you when you are trying to succeed, and will laugh,cry,and celebrate all of life's ups and downs with you.
A real friend will not be a "yes" person and tickle your eyes with what you want to hear all the time. Someone that cares about you will tell you what you need to hear and listen when you need to talk. There are few people that you can be that transparent with and should be careful with whom you confide in.
Characteristics of a lifelong friend:
Integrity Driven
Establishes Boundaries
Value System
Moral and Ethical standards
The best thing you can do is to be a lifelong friend. There are some who will come and go...but those who you always can depend on will shine in time! 

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