Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thankful even when you are discouraged

So the holidays are upon us and they should be amazing but for many the celebrations are also coupled with sadness. During the holidays we think of those we may have lost, or miss the ones we love so much but may be far away or even worse too busy.
This holiday like so many others... my husband and I are both feeling a little bit discouraged. Being far away from both our families means we have to figure out what to do each holiday. Traveling for us is not always possible because of our jobs, and of course packing up kids and dogs is no easy task.
We decided to spend this year giving back, looking for a place or community center that could use some help. I think the best possible way to get past your own situations is to go help someone else.
Thankfully that evening we will be able to come back and open our home to friends who have no where to go themselves.
I am so grateful for my mom and dad, two people that no matter where we are always make an effort to try to bring all of us together, unfortunately, everyone goes there own ways sometimes.
I love family. I have the best brothers and sister, I am missing them today.
Somewhere between colleges, jobs, and marriages we all have found our places in the world and we are not as close in miles, or spirits anymore.
I really hope that we can all find some time this year to give to others, those who truly have no home, no family, or a warm meal together with someone they love.
If you are feeling this way this holiday too...look for a way you too can give back. To be thankful for the little things can make a huge difference.
Thankfulness is an attitude of our hearts and I am doing my best with that this holiday. Looking for the beautiful, little things and the amazing people I have right here around me.
My lovely little girls, my hyper little puppies, and my husband. I am thankful I serve a real and living God who provides hope when my heart is heavy. I am thankful for times of quiet and peace. I am so thankful for miracles...that come when you are not even looking.

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