Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Sister Act... that got my attention!

OK, so I haven't blogged much lately. I have been growing my business, in the middle of a move, and raising a family. I have been posting lots of recipes, and to be honest most of the time, I post them so I don't lose them! I guess somehow I figure if I take the time to put it out there then somehow I can always look it up on here. Anyway, this past week I was waiting in line at the market and stressed beyond measure. Needed to take myself somewhere and have a real little heart to heart life coaching on myself and kick myself in the pants.
I needed a vacation, I needed just 5 minutes of quiet time alone... but what I had instead was far from it. I also was waiting in a ridiculous line of people to pay for a small basket full of items while my two Little's where none the less fighting over who would scan the yogurt pops first at the self checkout line, my husband was calling me to inform me of yet another stressful event as we pursue getting a mortgage, and I really think I had gum on my shoe. I was literally aching to run into a hole, but the nearest bathroom looked awesome.
I stood there wanting to just scream.... and then I saw her.... the sister. And I mean no disrespect but she was indeed, a sister. A nun, who had made her solemn and virtuous vow.
I watched her, as she laughed, and made effortless conversation with the clerk, she smiled, she looked calm, she looked happy, she looked realllllly really clean, and her hair....well, she didn't need to fuss about the perma pony I usually try to figure out. She just looked and seemed amazing... and there it was.... BAM! It crossed my mind..... yep it did....why was she so happy? And I have to honest.... I really thought to I know why she is happy, she made a vow to love God, pursue her life, and live alone!  I know what you're thinking; how awful of me. I have two amazing kids, a husband who works hard, two business's and yet somehow in that very tough moment I wondered.
I wondered what her life was like, why did mine seem so overwhelming, and why did I feel so bad about it all.
I know we all have those days, whether you are single or married. I have been on both sides. I have cried when I wasn't married and had someone to come home to every night and I have cried because I had it too. Been there and both are not easy. The biggest thing I have discovered is that we have to be content and cultivate the things and people which make us feel that way.
We have one life, one shot at this and it really is up to me to make the most of every day,thank God for what I do have around me, and keep hope and faith about what is to come in the future.

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