Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dear Uncertainty...

Yeah I just wrote a letter to " Uncertainty", seems odd but strangely enough seeing it made me think about the last few years of my life. According to the dictionary, uncertainty:is the unknown, the doubtful, the one thing that has not been revealed. In the last few years uncertainty has been the one thing in my life that has been constant among other things.  If anyone knows me well enough and close enough they know that things have not been easy. I have at times questioned, wondered and prayed about these uncertain times.
And guilty mostly at allowing it to ruin my day sometimes. I get caught up in the sadness, disappointments, or setbacks. I have had to ask forgiveness, reset, and regroup over and over again.
There are so many things that we will never understand. The past few years I have dealt with all of this personally or have seen this happen within my inner circle: the death of those we loved or didn't have a chance to love, rejection from those we trusted in, accidental deaths, incurable sickness, the bipolar and untreated toxic family member who continues to cause chaos, mental illnesses, the job losses, the financial crisis, depression, loved one's who betray us, loved ones who choose not love you or be part of your life! All of it happens and all of it hurts,confuses, and bewilders even the strongest of souls.
How does anyone even get past it all? How can you go on with this darkness in your spirit sometimes that you feel is beyond being lit again, how can you soar when you feel like you have lost all will or reason?
I have learned that to question is ok... but in times where it seems "bittering" we need God. Not a god, but the one true GOD. We can stand on the corner of bitter or better and choose to walk in bitter but if we do it will destroy you from the inside out. We need a hope to believe in, we need a foundation stronger then who we are, and what we think were made of, and it only comes from obtaining faith. Faith is not a crutch, faith is the reason and hope that we all need when we go through things we don't understand.
We must choose in our minds that today will not be a day we will allow uncertainty to ruin us.
Whatever it is that you are going through today, you have to know that you are certainly not alone, this time is only temporary, and tomorrow is a new day.
But as for today... do not allow what you don't understand keep you from all that God has purposed you for in this lifetime.

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