Monday, September 21, 2009

Healthy boundaries for your life

Everyone at times experiences the pull into different directions. The stress, the anxiety, and even fear this causes is completely unhealthy. Unfortunately, we live in a society where very few people understand let alone practice establishing healthy boundaries in their lives. All to easily things overtake your relationships and you become enmeshed with people or situations that you should not be that involved in to begin with.

When one suffers from totally taking ownership of their life, ultimately, they are living a boundary less lifestyle. When there is confusion about responsibility and ownership the problem is lack of boundaries. Boundaries are healthy if established properly. A boundary in this context refers to where you end and another person begins. First of all establish the areas where you feel pulled, stressed, taken advantage of, abused, or even manipulated in and pinpoint who or what makes you feel this way. Once you see where it begins you then need to draw a line and do not cross it or allow others to cross it. The one thing that is very important is that you enforce what you are going to establish for your life.

Once you have pinpointed those areas figure out which ones you are contributing to by not establishing a healthy boundary. What do you need to let go of in your life? There are things you will have to give up sometimes to live a life with boundaries. Family and career are two of the biggest areas this affects. The two involve relationships that are spent with those in very close proximity, which usually leads to a crossing of boundaries eventually. People sometimes do not know how to draw a line in the sand between themselves and others situations. The tendency to do so creates a very unhealthy pattern in your life. This pattern creates stress, anxiety, and sometimes a lack of respect for yourself and those around you.

Respect yourself enough to know where you as a person end in a relationship, job, project, business deal, volunteer opportunity, ministry, etc... Those around you need to understand that they do not control your time, life, or priorities.
The only one who can show them this is you! Be clear in what you have to say, stick to what you actually say, and carry through with what you have decided on.

* Boundaries are setting a clear path to equip you to live a healthier life and be a stronger person.

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