Friday, September 18, 2009

Taking ownership in your life and being responsible

There are many people who refuse to grow up and take responsibility serious. It is sad but in some cases they never saw how to be disciplined or taught how to be responsible, however, as an adult you have a choice to change who you are and what you become for the people around you. The first thing that you have to do is realize that you are in fact irresponsible and have a hard time taking ownership in your life. This may not stem from anything you have even done as a child, you may have been brought up in a home where there were no boundaries established and you have no sense of discipline. You can change that though by taking a step towards maturity and responsible behavior. There comes a time in everyone's life where the "blame" game doesn't matter anymore, and you must stop in your tracks and take charge of your actions, behavior, and choices.
  1. You must realize that in being responsible and living your life to reflect that means, you have to make different decisions. You have an obligation as a human being in your job, marriage, and relationships to be responsible to those around you. People depend on you and if you fail to show them that you are capable to being responsible, your letting them down. As an adult, you are supposed to be living your life as an example now to those younger than you, your coworkers, your is something you must take seriously.

    Take steps to ensure you make better choices. If you need to seek counseling or have someone in your life that you are accountable to for a little time than do that for yourself and those you love. This is just an example, but if you struggle with finances; take a class on money management. Your life is full of many years and many people who will love you and need you to be a better individual. You must begin to put other people above yourself and your decisions. Every decision you make will affect someone else, make sure you make good decisions so you will make a positive impact with your life.

    And lastly, realize how strong of a person you are and how much God has given you to accomplish in your life. You are the one in charge of what you make of your life. Your the only one who can choose to live healthier, make changes, and be responsible for yourself. Do not let the stress of circumstances keep you from making wise choices, you always have a choice...always!

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