Thursday, September 17, 2009

Keep your mind healthy

Just as important as physical health your mind plays a huge role in your emotional and mental health. All three factors really are connected with one another. If your mind is unhealthy your physical and emotional state can be suffering.

Keep your mind stimulated. If you are in a place where you do dont feel like your using your brain to think, reason, or work towards anything that is a very dangerous place to be. Look for ways to use your mind. It could be something as simple as crossword puzzles, reading a book, or reasearching a new subject. This is one thing that is very hard for elderly people with few activities, but the key is to have something that can be worked on daily that can stimulate your thought process and keep you alert.

Focus on positive things in the world around you. There are many things that can seem gloom and doom and cause our brains to almost have an overload. There really is only so much someone can handle at once. Make a list of things that you are looking forward to, that your thankful for, and that you can appreciate in your life.

Do not expose your thoughts and mind to things that are unhealthy. There things that can be addictive which pose a threat to your potential in how you function on a daily basis. These things can creep in when you are vulnerbale and least expect them to be able to take over your life and mind. Examples can be anything from pornography, violence, drugs, or even unhealthy patterns in your life that keep you from living abundantly.

Get involved with those around you in your community or family. If at all possible try to have things that require your attention and involvement. To have activities in which you can communicate and participlate in on a weekly basis are healthy and a wonderful way to use your mind and keep you healthy.

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