Monday, October 26, 2009

Create relaxation

Relaxation may be a foreign word for some people, and most of the time unless you create a time for yourself to relax it will not happen. Relaxing is a time to separate yourself from the cares of every day life. The following tips may help you come up with some of your very own.

Set the time aside for you to relax. This time could be something you plan ahead for or even make happen spontaneously based upon your needs. When you create relaxation make sure you remove things that typically distract you. Things that usually cause underlying stress such as TV, cell phones, computers, pagers, etc ... should be turned off during this time. There are moments when you can be unreachable for just a little while, your mind and body needs this so you do not burn out.

Create an atmosphere wherever you are that is peaceful. You may like to light candles, turn on some light music, or maybe you want to sit in absolute silence with your feet up; whatever you choose make it something you do not ordinarily do to make it seem special for you. Take your mind off your situation for awhile and focus on a book, a sunset, or even the rain. It does not take much to create relaxation if your determined to do it.

A wonderful idea that can help you relax is to burn lavender essential oil in an oil diffuser. If you do not own an oil burner you can apply a few drops of lavender to the palms of your hands and inhale, or place a few drops on your pillowcase.

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