Sunday, October 25, 2009

Strengthening your it possible? YES!

Marriage is not always made in heaven. Relationships are work and people are never perfect. When you make a covenant commitment before God to make it work you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure it is more than just a piece of paper. There are steps that many may need to take to ensure they can stick through the tough times especially when you feel like giving up.
It is wise to seek counseling. Marriages sometimes need a qualified counselor to help them through some deeper issues. Counselors are trained professionals who can figure out where the root problems are stemming from and that may not even be things your aware of in your relationship. Many times in relationships people bring to the table what they have seen and have no idea how to have a happy marriage and love the other the way God wants them to love. There is no shame in seeking a counselor, it is actually a wise choice before things get too out of control.
Do what it takes to ensure your marriage stays strong. Relationships need cultivating and every living thing needs water to grow. Marriages need certain aspects to make sure they are growing and not becoming stagnant. Give time to your marriage and look into a weekend retreat or seminar that is devoted to couples and issues they face in keeping their covenants to one another.
Make sure your spending quality time getting to know what the other person needs from you. This aspect will never change even if your married 50 years, there will always be changes that take place and each spouse needs to understand that their loved one will change and how can they change together and grow together. Many people say to one another how much they have changed, lets face the truth when it comes down to it...Every single person changes and goes through things as life molds and shapes them. Whether the changes are for the better or not, people need to understand that it will happen at some point, its a part of life.
Pray together as a couple. Ask God to give you strength and wisdom and that he protects your marriage. Marriages are meant to be strong and victorious forces for families across the world, this relationship must be taken more seriously not only for families but for the children and our future. If you have never seen a successful marriage or believe that it is must know that you can be the change and the one that makes the difference.

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