Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Speaking truth into someone's life

Every person at some time in their life has or will need encouragement. The power that can come from one's mouth is probably one of the most underestimated things in the world.To speak truth into someone's life is to actually encourage them. First of all when you have a relationship with someone you have the ability to speak into that persons life whether it is negative or positive. The power of an individuals mouth is unbelievable. When speaking with someone you have to use wisdom. Wisdom is not given to each person in the same capacity. This is why having wisdom in relationships is an area most people need to develop and pray for more of it!

Secondly, if you use wisdom in speaking with someone you will not have regrets about what you say to them. If you feel wisdom is something you lack, then i urge you to pray for wisdom. Wisdom and discernment will help you in all of your decisions and help you control your mouth. Destruction and life both lie in the use of your tongue. Use your mouth to speak positive things. If you do not think you have the power to say something positive in the heat of the moment than leaving the room and giving each other some space may well be worth the effort!

Look someone in the eye and speak truth and love into their life. Find out what their goals are, what they are struggling with, where do they need the most encouragement and speak to them as if you were their biggest fan! The truth sets men free. Many people hide from the truth or struggle with obtaining vision for their life. When you get to know another individual make it your ambition to speak words of wisdom, love, encouragement, and truth on a daily basis. It could truely make or break someone's future, so take it seriously how you use your mouth! Being a healthy individual means starting at the core of who you are, your heart, what comes out of your mouth is in your heart in some way, shape, or form.

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