Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The gifts that matter

Every Christmas, birthday or special occasions; gifts are thought out and planned with such precision and time. Maybe gifts are given on a whim and a gift card is quickly purchased and stuck in a card on your way to the home of the one your presenting your gift to. However you plan your gift giving or manage your time is not as important as the gifts you give.

There are actually gifts that you can give you all year that really matter.

The first gift that you can give another individual that matters is the gift of your time. Time is the most precious of all gifts because it allows you to create a memory or share an experience that lasts a lifetime. There is no amount of money, new gadget, or expensive electronic toys that can compare with the time you spend and invest in the ones you love.

The second gift that matters is the gift of your touch. The power and healing that lies behind a hug, kiss, or gentle touch can be life changing. A genuine hug has lightened the burdens of many who have felt the weight of the world bearing down on their shoulders. Some people go days, weeks, or months without actually being touched or held.

The third gift that you can give someone is a listening ear. Most of the time when a loved one is sharing their heart or their day with you, they really don't want anything to come out of your mouth. The fact that your willing to listen and just hear what they have to say can be the treasure they needed in their day. Keep this in mind, God has given you two ears and one mouth and things are always much better when they are used in that ratio.

Lastly, a gift that matters for years to come is the gift of a note. Love letters do not have to be romantic in nature. Letters are a wonderful expression of your appreciation, love, and admiration of that individual in your life. You never know when a tucked away letter can be brought back out and bring encouragement to that one on a dark day.

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