Monday, December 7, 2009

Aloe Vera is more than just a plant for minor burns and cuts!

Aloe Vera has always been used in homes to provide relief for minor cuts and burns. However, the aloe vera plant has additional health benefits if used internally as well.

Aloe vera juice can be taken 2 to 4 ounces a day to aid in digestion, detoxification, circulation, and cleansing. Aloe vera juice has detoxification properties that get into your blood stream and can help your stomach digest more properly, aloe reduces the amount of time that food stays in your intestines which helps keep your colon healthier and thus keeps you healthier. Aloe also supports cell growth and aids in better circulation and sleep.

Aloe vera juice can boost your immune system and can help prevent the onset of disease. Aloe vera juice also aids in weight loss because of the higher content of collagen protein aloe contains. The energy your body spends in breaking that down in your system is how it can help aid people in weight loss and muscle development.

Please watch for any allergic reactions and start off with the proper amount indicated. Aloe vera should only be taken internally in the amount of 2 -4 ounces a day.

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