Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Does love really last...?

The ultimate question many long to have answered, Does love really last? Does true love even exist? In our society the divorce rate is 60%, so the odds are against most people for even having a lifetime commitment, or are they?
Many couples today want to commit to one another until the love dies, fades, or disappears. To be quite honest everyone, if that is the way you actually think, you may be wanting a divorce after the honeymoon. Marriage is not a casual relationship you step into lightly, nor should such a commitment be taken for granted or thought of as less than it should be. Marriage was intended to be a commitment between a man and woman for life till death parted them not till "love" parted them.
I am writing this today as I think about a marriage retreat that is coming up that I intend to attend with my husband. Marriage retreats are not just for broken marriages or people who are struggling, although, they are a fantastic idea for anyone who is going through trying situations life can bring to your relationship and commitment for one another. I also am writing this as I think about a new movie that was released today, No Greater Love.
This movie portrays a powerful message about the permanence of marriage and what it means to commit your life to someone and the "One" who is the ultimate love of your life. The couple in the movie considered themselves to be the "lucky" couple, long time sweethearts crazy in love with one another and feeling invisible to the odds of life stepped into a marriage covenant while being very young. Life took it's ups and downs and just plain happened, and before you know it their relationship took a terrible twist. Just when you think all hope is gone, restoration takes place and you will see the awesome power of true love and what happens when you commit your life to God. I recommend this movie to anyone who is married, thinking of getting married, or remarried. There is a plan for marriages and it is not for them to end of breaking apart and breaking one another down.

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