Tuesday, January 26, 2010

p90x Extreme Home Fitness

So this week my husband and I decided we are starting a 90 day extreme workout program, which requires 6 out of 7 workout days and a high protein diet. I wouldn't consider myself in top athletic shape right now, however, I did feel that this would be a great addition to our year of changes. Last night was our first workout session and I have to tell you, a joke, it is not! Those men and women git ripped in 90 days for a reason...your body is worked in so many different directions and movements that if you follow the program accordingly you are bound to look like an Olympian in three months.
Staying healthy is a way of life, it starts with what you put into your body on a daily basis first. Diet is not enough though to change the way your body looks. Exercise and proper eating habits go hand in hand. The more you exercise, the more protein your body will require and calories. Most people try to cut calories to lose the weight, but you have to keep in mind, if exercising, your body needs extra calories to replenish and heal itself.
For anyone who needs to know how many calories you should take in while on an exercise program, the p90 nutritional book does have you work through that, but for those of you who want to quickly figure this out, please see below:

1st of all calculate your resting metabolic rate (RMR) BODY WEIGHT x 10= RMR
2nd of all calculate your daily activity burn (which is the amount of calories you need to just move around during the day) YOUR RMR x20% = DAILY ACTIVITY BURN
3rd step is to add the calories required for your exercise program (p90 is extreme, so it is suggested you take 600 additional calories per day to your diet)

energy amount means calories. (Suggested you round down)

*information from:
Nutritional Plan for p90x "Eating for Power Performance", Tony Horton (Beach body)

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