Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Natural Sleep Aids

Many people suffer from insomnia and lack the restorative sleep the body needs to heal and replenish itself from the day before. Weeks and months of restless nights can cause exhaustion and break down your immune system. Before you try any alternative natural measures to help you sleep you should consider talking with your doctor or a doctor of naturopathy to ensure it doesn't conflict with medication your taking.

Valerian- Is a natural sleep aid that can be taken with little side effects and doesn't affect you waking int the morning feeling unrested. There are certain medications that this should not be taken with that could cause more serious side effects. People taking Valerian should now that it may cause dizziness or headaches and does not work for everyone.

Kava- Is an herb that helps reduce anxiety and help you sleep. Kava should be taken under the watch of a doctor and used with care, there have been patients who have used kava and suffered from injuries to the liver.

Diet- Your diet and what you consume during the day greatly affects how you sleep through the night. watch how much caffeine you drink and how much sugar you intake during the day. Cut out the access sugar and caffeine.

Chamomile- An herb that does aid in relaxation and helps ease the body into sleep. Chamomile aids with digestion and does help with anxiety.

Aromatherapy- A great way to help you relax and calm your mind and body. Scents such as lavender and chamomile can be used in the form of essential oils in a bath or by breathing in deep breaths of the oils from your fingertips to relax.

There are mild forms of these all found in natural pharmacies or even tea's that you can purchase over the counter at the grocery store.

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