Monday, February 15, 2010

Boost your immune system...naturally

There are numerous over the counter drugs that you can easily purchase to help relieve cold symptoms, sore throats, and allergies. However, you can give your body a natural boost especially during the winter months, that will help you fight off colds that your body could not on it's own.

Herbs have been used for centuries to help people combat infections, cold, and the flu.
Echinacea has been used to fight off colds and coughs and give the body's immune system the boost that it may need. Echinacea is mild enough to use in children in small doses and safe enough to use during pregnancy.

Echinacea can be also found in herbal teas that you can purchase at the grocery store. This herb is the most common but other herbs can be used as well in helping your body combat the cold season, such as: astragalus, eleuthero, garlic, holy basil, and licorice. There have even been recent studies on black elderberry that confirms earlier research showing that it relieves fever, headache, and cough with no side affects. Lab research also suggest that this herb may be as effective as Tamiflu in fighting the H1N1 virus.

Source: "Elderberry Flavonoids Bind To and Prevent H1N1 Infection in Vitro," by B. Roschek Jr. et al Phytochemistry, 7/09

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