Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alternative treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

Up until a month ago I honestly did not know much about MS. I have heard of multiple sclerosis many times but never really thought much about the disease or how it even affected the body. Recently a dear friend of mine whom I have known for over ten years was diagnosed with MS, and I have had many conversations with her and listened to her tell me what she has been dealing with over the past few months. I really felt bad because I did not understand the disease and did not even really know what it was all about. I set out on somewhat of a mission to find out more about the disease and how it can be alternatively treated other than using prescriptive drugs. What I have learned about MS has been very interesting and has also helped me better understand what a dear friend is going through and possibly even be able to help her with some of the information as well.

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic degenerative disease in which the myelin (an electrical insulator) around the brain and spinal cord are damaged. The damage than affects the central nervous system. When you suffer from MS, the bodies immune system actually attacks the myelin and it can not function properly. There are alternative treatments that are available and they are listed as follows below.
The first way to alternatively treat MS is to consider the diet in which you consume on a daily basis. There are two diets that have been named after professors who have studied MS, they are the Swank Diet and the MacDougall Diet. The diets suggest that there be a restriction in saturated fats and eliminating hydrogenated oils from your diet. To keep the body functioning to its best potential these diets recommend having a daily diet that is rich in vegetables, fruit, fish, and certain proteins. The importance of drinking pure water is essential in releasing toxins from the bloodstream. Eliminate any processed foods that contain harmful preservatives that will only release more toxins into your system.

A second alternative approach to MS, is the Wobenzyme N/Proteolytic Enzymes approach. It is impossible to regenerate the damaged tissue caused by MS, this procedure uses enzymes to help stop the progress of destruction to the tissue itself and reduces inflammation.

Another approach to treating MS, is using bee venom. Bee venom is an alternative therapy that stimulates the immune response in the body. This treatment helps the symptoms of MS but it must be understood that it does not reverse the deterioration of the tissue. The patient must be first tested to see if they have an allergy to bee venom.

The last alternative approach could be EAP supplementation therapy. This type of therapy is done by increasing myelin cell membrane polarity and resistance to immune system aggression. By performing this type of procedure it increases "electrical" conduction capabilities.

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