Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finding a balance

Finding balance in life is not easy and most people try to juggle more than they should. Once you find balance though your life will seem more fulfilled and you will feel healthier and live with more vitality.

People tend to cling to things to give them security whether it is a person, job, ministries, etc. These types of commitments are good in and of them selves and relationships especially are very important, however, if you have over-committed to too much you will start to feel a sense of anxiety and constant disorder in your life.

What happens when your unbalanced is you start to see things piling up around you, clutter starts to form in corners of your office or home, you start to feel guilt if you do not show up for that 4th night of volunteering, you start to resent those around you, and you begin to get stuck in a rut that will not allow you to adapt to change. Changes are good and sometimes you need to make them...and sometimes you need to make many changes. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying change it all at once but "tiny" steps will get you to more clarity and balance in your life and that is what you have to start looking at as you set your priorities.


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