Saturday, March 13, 2010

How is anyone supposed to stay a recession?

Contentment is not an easy thing to learn, especially when we live in a society that tells you every day you can have the American Dream which is a richer, bigger, fuller life. What is the real definition of a fuller life? What is it that defines you as an individual?
Contentment seems to be a word that either make's people very uncomfortable or very at ease. Depending on where you fall into those two categories may give you a good indication of how content your heart and spirit actually seem to be. This article has been tugging at my heart all week because we in America are going through a great economic crisis. Many people are without jobs or can not find a job that will actually provide for their families. There are thousands of people struggling to pay their bills and keep up with the cost of every day living.
What are people supposed to do when hope seems lost and discouragement creeps in and takes over?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that no matter how much you have lost, if your reading this you still have breath in your lungs and hope in your heart. You must keep hope alive. Guard your heart, your heart goes through ups and downs through the heartbreak and joy's in life. Your heart is the wellspring of life, protect it, keep it safe, and be wise with whom and what you give it to.

Concentrate on the areas you do have to be thankful for. Your loved one's, a roof over your head, a meal in front of you. Sometimes even the smile on the face of a child is all you need to give you hope. Find something today, even if it is usually unimportant to you, look at it and be grateful for it's presence in your life.

Keep your vision America! Where there is no vision the people perish ... you must dream and set goals. Do not give up on yourself, your family, or your dream. Nothing is impossible. Keep your faith alive and look to God who is going to give you strength. A vision for your life will give you more purpose. Write out some goals and dreams you may have left alone for sometime because of discouragement or loss of hope in certain areas of your life, refer to them to help you gain some future hope and just maybe... a fresh perspective.

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