Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Managing Stress

Stress has serious medical side effects if felt for long periods of time. Stress can cause head aches, upset stomachs, ulcers, mood swings, and depression. Life can bombard sometimes with things that are unexpected and serious. Everyone handles stress differently, stress will come to everyone at certain times but how you deal with it can make the difference in your life from feelings of defeat to living a life with victory. Here are a few ways to help you pinpoint stress areas and help you manage them better.
1. Pinpoint the areas that are making you feel stressed out. What are those things that are causing you to feel anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed? Is this a person, job related, financial problem, etc...)
2. Once you have recognized the areas that are stressing you out, think about how you can change that situation. Is there something in your power to be able to change that area?
3. Confront those problem areas that you are capable of changing and if you need to establish better boundaries in those places, this is an excellent way to begin practicing that technique. Boundaries is realizing where you as a person end, and another begins. This boundary issue can be wide spread in a few areas of your life and can be contributing to some of your stress related problems. I highly recommend getting a copy of "Boundaries" by Henry Cloud and John Townsend; very practical advice for anyone who struggles with saying no or managing stress.
4. Get some exercise for your health and clarity of mind. Moderate exercise weekly if not daily is so important in managing stress better.A simple walk will force you out of isolation and get your mind thinking of other things.
5. Avoid drinking alcohol if taking medication. Drinking impairs the way you think and in many cases if mixed with medication can increase feelings of depression, anger, and sadness.
Stress needs to be managed regularly and use the techniques you discover that help you the best so that you can live a better life for yourself and those around you.

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