Monday, March 22, 2010

Work on YOU!

Many people don't want to work on themselves. The process is too deep, too hard, too painful, too time consuming, too much work, etc...I have heard it all. The truth behind this is very simple though. If you do not work on yourself, no one else will. Change only happens when you put your mind to it and get to a point where the pains of being the same hurt worse then the pains change will bring. If that never comes then most people will continue to live the stagnant, existing life they have always lived. Life is supposed to be thriving, there should be growth, signs of change, positive fruit shown in your life. By fruit I mean qualities that are whole, right, and true. Qualities that are loving, patient, honest, kind, faithful, joyful ,peaceful, and lovely. These kinds of character traits are not given to everyone at birth, some people by nature or ability are more loving and gentle...but all these qualities should be worked on as you progress through life. Qualities are just a tip on the iceberg there are issues of well being that encompasses lifestyle, environment, choices, and spiritual decisions.
It is much easier for some people to just give up on their dreams, their aspirations, their marriages, their families, their well being all for the selfish reason that it is just too much work. Marriage is too hard so they get a divorce. Staying healthy is too difficult and they will never be in good shape so they sulk over a fudge brownie. Working a fulfilling job is out of reach so they work a job they hate till they retire and then live with regret that they never did what they wanted to do or were made to do. Knowing that God wants to have a relationship with them is just too uncomfortable so they spend a lifetime searching for fulfillment in a world full of empty promises and the void is never filled like it should be.
It is about a choice, everyone has them, every single person has the same 24 hours a day, every single day! What choice will you make? What direction will you allow your mind to take you today?

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