Friday, April 23, 2010

Shape up and Slim Down-its bathing suit time!

It is that time a year again when bathing suit shopping becomes maybe one of the least favorite things to do. But let's face it, unless your willing to go lay on the beach in your sweats you have to face reality and it may not be pretty. Winter months are long and with that comes many weeks indoors and when boredom strikes so do the hunger pains for those who love the "comfort" food. Don't get me wrong here...I love a hot bowl of potato soup too when the snow is pounding down hard! However, what most people do not understand is the process that takes place in your body as your packing on the pounds. Spring rolls around and all the diets come out and the weight just lingers, why is that? Get in touch with your body and understand how it works.
1. Get the metabolism going by eating a healthy balanced breakfast. Eat a protein, serving of fruit,and a small carbohydrate. The fiber will cancel the carbohydrate. If you have something with 23 carbs, and you eat an item that has 6 grams of fiber your getting 17 carbs instead. So make sure your eating a balanced breakfast.
2. Consume healthy fats. There are healthy fats that promote weight loss such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. Coconut oil is also a healthy fat that can be substituted for oil or butter when cooking.
3. Watch what supplements you take and what your drinking. Green tea boosts your metabolism, so it is a great alternative to regular black tea or soda. Avoid diet drinks, they still pack on the pounds and are addictive. Make sure that your daily vitamins are timed released and that they have adequate amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin D.
4. Take probiotics (beneficial bacteria). Yogurt does have probiotics that are helpful, but the American diet is so lacking in raw and living foods that supplemental probiotics help bring more balance to the intestinal tract and allow proper digestion.
5. Start getting some exercise. Start off moderate with walking and work up to a few days a week. Incorporate weight training, running, cycling, or yoga to give your muscles and bones the strength for overall wellness and vitality.

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