Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sticking to a financial plan

In a tough economy coming up with a financial plan is almost necessary for survival. Sticking to a financial plan will not only create financially stability, but will also enhance your discipline.Start of by developing a financial spending plan. As you think about this plan start to create a report that lists all your assets and how much you owe every month on bills. Knowing what you have to work with is getting a better knowledge of your current financial state. Being honest and real about your situation will also spur you on towards changes that need to be made.

Once you have come up with your budget and how much is paid out every month, you need to stick to it! This is when discipline is put into action and it is down right hard, especially for the extra cup of coffee or those football tickets flashing before your eyes. Every one has those extra little treats that they like to spend money on.  You must stay committed to your budget for a set period of time in order to see real results in your finances.

If you are married, you need to use teamwork while your planning out your financial goals. Teamwork involves both people working towards the same things, if your not in agreement than the whole structure will not work out and your finances will slowly start to disappear from over spending. Celebrate the small milestones along the way as a couple.
Your financial freedom when you work together is closer than you think! 

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