Monday, August 23, 2010

Starting Over...not an end, a new beginning!

Change is the one thing in life that is actually constantly happening. Sometimes a change is exactly what life calls for and sometimes it's what life gives you in a circumstance. How you handle the change is really up to you and you alone. Transitions come with a move in location, change in job status, death of a family member, or divorce; just to name a few. 

Keep in mind that starting over does not mean that life is over. Life can actually begin again or continue on flourishing right where you plant yourself. A new location means just that very thing, it is new, it is fresh and there are many opportunities for you. The hardest part about a change is that it may not always be a welcome change, but change is what has happened and the ultimate way of making the most of it is with your decisions on a daily basis.

Get involved with in your new area. Involvement provides a social and emotional outlet for you to network yourself and start to foster new relationships. You are an individual designed specifically and special, what you want to get involved in is totally up to you. Make sure that you do not put this off for more than a few months. It is ok to have time to think and settle in, however, get yourself out there in the community when you can.

If you do not have a friend or family member to call and vent, cry, or talk with then begin a journal. A journal may not be something you even want to do at a time of transition but journaling also provides a way for your thoughts to escape on paper. Journaling is a wonderful way to see progress and record your own personal thoughts, emotions, or feelings.

Continue to be yourself. If you do not even know who you are or how you got to this point than take the time to figure that out. If there are things that need to change in you to help make this move a better situation than start to really evaluate your life, attitudes, and goals.

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