Thursday, August 12, 2010

Enduring Purpose- Believe in the reality of your dreams!

It is never too late to become what you might have become! Staying patient in the middle of struggles is so incredibly hard. However, what I am also finding is that patience is a natural reaction to keeping a flow of endurance which is only strengthened by pure perseverance. Endurance is what makes you drive on to meet your goals, keeps you focused, and allows your heart to stay in check as to the decisions you need to wait on or the one's that need your immediate attention.
In rushing and refusing to wait you will always settle for less than what you could have had if you were patient and endured. Settling will always give you less than you actually deserve too! Wow, does that ever hit home. You could be robbing yourself of a full and rich destiny in front of you because you want things to happen in your time. People have an incredible ability to make it happen for them-selves. Our culture allows many things at our disposal so it is very common for many people to make something part of their life that really never was intended to be there in the first place.

Begin to believe in the reality of your dreams!! Holding on your enduring purpose keeps you driven, focused, and patient for the blessing! Living intentionally puts you into a place where you are ready to receive all that is in store for your life.
Dreams are essential. Keeping a vision is important for your life. Without vision people have nothing to drive them and keep them motivated.
Know you have an enduring purpose for your life today! 

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