Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Healthier can be FREE!

Many people want to get healthy, get more exercise, and change their life. However, they sometimes allow their minds to think so much about what the cost is involved with making better choices at the store, to the fee's at the gym, hiring a trainer or coach etc...that they lose interest before they begin. There are action steps each person can make that will not cost them any money and will start to get lives on track and  in the direction of living a healthier life.
1. Start walking or hiking. This is a free activity and you start increasing your heart rate. You do not need to buy a treadmill or anything fancy to start walking, you have two legs and two feet which can take you a very long way! If you want to walk in a group then organize a walking club or research walking clubs in your area.
2. Journal aspects about your day. Start by keeping track in a notebook what your eating on a daily basis. Write down how long you are exercising and jot down a few goals. After you do this for about a week you will have a pretty good sense of what you need to change as far as your diet habits and how often your getting some exercise.
3.Do some research. Try to do some research at the library or even by accessing some informative sites online about fitness, exercise, calories, and over all health. Have some one you trust start to hold you accountable to your short and long term goals.
4. Clean the house! This may seem a little strange but you would be very surprised how unhealthy a living situation can become very quickly. Dust, mold, and mildew form on surfaces which cause allergies and all sorts of illness. Also, get into your closets and throw away expired food, medication, and cleaning products that have toxic chemicals in them.

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